Philip Juras  2007  
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Rock and Shoals
After Rain

Clarke County , GA
Oil on Canvas
July, 2007




      Unusual in the forested piedmont around Athens, Rock and Shoals flatrock seen here, is a stage for the atmospheric play of light in fine textured grasses among contrasting characteristic cedars.   The arrangement of elements at Rock and Shoals describes a response to underlying natural conditions. Groupings of Eastern Red Cedars suggest the location of cracks and deeper soils on the rock face while drifts of Little Bluestem betray soil depths just deep enough to support herbaceous species in this drought stricken environment. Like other flatrock outcrops in the Piedmont, Rock and Shoals offers a refuge to some very uncommon species that are endemic to piedmont outcrops. This suggests that the conditions that support these plants have been in place in this small refuge for a very long time.