Philip Juras  2014

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Goose Pond

Little St Simons Island, Georgia
August 16, 2014
Oil on canvas
14" x 18"




Long ago abandoned behind the eastward migrating beach front, Goose Pond is now only occasionally influenced by salt water. In rainy years when the water is fresher, straw-colored flatsedge and kidney-leaf mud plantain appear along the sunny edges of the pond.

Such were the conditions when I set up to paint the well-vegetated water’s surface in the summer of 2014. In a minor departure from my usual treatment of scenery, I chose to include a few alligators and herons in the composition. I felt they had earned their spots by staying in position for the entire hour I painted. More importantly, I felt they would contribute to, but not compete with, the subject of the painting, which of course was Goose Pond itself.

- adapted from The Wild Treasury of Nature: A Portrait of Little St. Simons Island (UGA Press 2016)

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