Philip Juras - Artwork Chronology  
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2020-2016  |  2015-2011  |  2010-2006  |  2005-2001  |  2000-1985

2020 - 2016  (218 images as of 2/4)
New work that explores scenes of nature from Illinois prairies, the Georgia Coast, fire adapted Southeastern woodlands, and the Colombian Andes.

2015 - 2011  (240 images)
The intact natural landscapes of Little St. Simons Island and prescribed fire in the fire adapted environments of Georgia are the focus of most of the work from this period.  Also included are field paintings from Illinois, Massachusetts and Colombia.
2010-2006  (172 images)
These years were devoted mainly to the southeastern landscapes described by William Bartram in the 1770's. Although focused primarily on the presettlement condition, other southeastern subjects are included, as well as field paintings from Italy and the West.

2005 - 2001  (160 images)
The southeastern scenes in this section correspond with a move back to Athens GA and a renewed focus on painting. Landscapes exploring native plant communities reflect a heightened awareness of landscape ecology. There are also scenes from bike touring in Europe, and travel to Idaho and Montana.

2000 - 1985  (170 images)
A wide range of images mark the experiences of these 15 years. Early works shown are mainly from Art School at UGA and the Cortona Studies Abroad Program, followed by a few years of travels in Europe, New England, and the Western U.S. Figure drawings, portraits, and still lifes, are accompanied by an increasing number of landscapes. Graduate school at UGA and subsequent employment in landscape architecture reduce the output toward the end of this period but travel-inspired landscapes persist.