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A Pleasant Territory
Grasslands in the Southeast

March 2 - 27, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, March 6th, 5pm-8pm
Circle Gallery, G14 Caldwell Hall, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
René Shoemaker, director
(706) 542-8292

Directions to the Circle Gallery

Parking / Walking
Located on the ground floor of Caldwell Hall on the North campus of UGA, the Circle Gallery is an easy walk from downtown Athens where public parking is available at meters and in parking decks. Closer to the gallery, parking is availble after 5pm in non-residence University parking lots of off S. Hull St.

Because Bocock Street is gated, direct vehicular access the the Gallery before 5pm is blocked by the gate on Bocock St. To make arrangements for access before 5pm, please contact the gallery director Rene Shoemaker. After 5 the gate stays open.

Circle Gallery
René Shoemaker, director
G14 Caldwell Hall
(706) 542-8292

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